Reading Books

Sharing books, listening to stories, looking at pictures is an important part of learning to read.  From the start of the year, children will bring home books to share and discuss with you. Your child will have a reading diary, please sign and note any comments about any reading you do with your child. (At the beginning of the year your child may have a book with no words in. These are great to encourage your child to look at the pictures and speak to you about what they can see.)

It is expected that children will read at home each night with an adult.  This does not have to be for long and should be a fun experience for all concerned! Don’t feel you need to read the whole book – a few pages which you really chat about is far better than rushing through a book and not enjoying it. Please fill in the reading diary every day. We will also send home ‘sight words’ which are words that the children need to learn to read by sight. These will get changed when we feel your child is able to read them confidently.

Once children are ready we will start reading in groups at school.  We call this ‘guided reading’ and this is where around 6 children will read with a teacher.