Meet the Inclusion Team

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Mr R Darling – Head of Education, Primary

Mr Darling is the Head of Education across our Primary Schools within Inspire Education Trust. He takes a strategic lead on the direction of the education and opportunities that our pupils are offered. Mr Darling is an experienced Head Teacher, and therefore can share his experience and expertise to ensure all our staff, parents and children have the best support and advice available.

Mrs M Harris and Mrs A Husband – Co- Head Teachers

Mrs Harris and Mrs Husband lead the whole school to ensure all children reach their potential. They work directly with class teachers to review children’s attainment. Where there are concerns regarding progress, they will work with the SENDCo to look at the available provision and support and ensure each child makes progress they are capable of.

Mrs A Husband – Strategic Lead for Inclusion

Mrs Husband is an experienced Head Teacher and SENCo, and her role is to lead the direction of our inclusive approach within Inspire Education Trust. Mrs Husband co-ordinates the work of each SENCo within the primaries in our trust, and through her network of National and Local SEND leaders she is able to ensure that Inspire schools are offering the very best and most up-to-date provision to our children and their families.

Miss Amy Charles – SENDCo (Maternity Leave)

Mrs V Prudham – SENDCo working across the Trust

Whilst Miss Charles is on maternity leave, Mrs Prudham is leading SEND Provision at Whittle. It is her responsibility to work with staff to ensure the management of the provision for special educational needs. She offers an open-door policy for all parents and carers.

Mrs Harris – EAL Lead

Mrs Harris has taken on the leadership of EAL this year. She is experienced in this role and works with leaders across the Trust to develop provision and practice for our multilingual children.

Mrs K Benning – SEND Teaching Assistant and supporting Newly Arrived pupils

Mrs Benning is an experienced Teaching Assistant. She is currently leading the Hub provision supported by Mrs Prudham and Mrs Husband. Her role involves working with children with special educational needs across the whole school. She works with children within the classroom, through small group work and with individual children to ensure that their needs are met. Over time Mrs Benning has worked with children with a huge variety of special needs. Mrs Benning also welcomes are newly arrived children into school and supports them to settle in.

Mr L Harris – Pastoral Manager

Mr Harris works directly with children, parents and staff to meet pastoral needs within the school community. His role is invaluable in supporting children who may be

experiencing emotional challenges in their home and school lives. Working together allows a team approach when learning is hindered through emotional changes.

Mrs C Caunter – Learning Mentor

Mrs Caunter supports families and children within the school community alongside Mr Harris. She works with small groups of children who benefit from our Thrive based interventions and will often be seen in Early Years too.