Here at Whittle Academy we are passionate about offering support and guidance to children and their parents or carers. The Pastoral care and safeguarding in school is led by Luke Harris, Pastoral Manager, who works alongside Catherine Caunter our Learning Mentor. 

Luke works in partnership with you and school staff to remove barriers to learning and help your child participate fully in school life and reach their full potential. He works closely with parents or carers to access avenues of support for many families on a daily basis, as well as supporting children in school to improve their emotional well-being. 

Catherine works with children one to one and in small groups to help build self-esteem and confidence, encouraging children to develop and maintain friendships, as well as helping them deal with their feelings and emotions. She supports children in a variety of ways with anything that may distract them from their learning. 

As a team we are here to support Whittle families with challenges that life may bring no matter how big or small.