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The aims of the Design and Technology Curriculum at Whittle Academy are:

  • To build children’s knowledge, skills and understanding in order to design and make high quality products for a wide range of purpose
  • To test and evaluate children’s ideas and products, and the work of others
  • To improve children’s basic cookery techniques and develop a love of cookery
  • To develop children’s confidence in problem solving and taking risks.

Delivering the Design and Technology Curriculum at Whittle Academy:

Early Design & Technology knowledge and skills are taught within our Early Years Curriculum.  In Nursery and Reception, children have regular opportunities to design and make for different purposes.  Children are encouraged to select and use tools and materials that are suited to the purpose, and to talk about their D&T projects.

In the Thematic Curriculum in Years 1-6, Design & Technology skills are taught within every theme, with all themes containing one D&T project and STEM-driver themes containing two.  All projects include the four key stages of the design and make process:

D&T projects cover four key disciplines, and progression in skills in these is supported through a D&T Strand Tracker which identifies age-related expectations for each discipline:

  • Structures
  • Mechanisms
  • Textiles
  • Cooking & Nutrition

It also details age-related expectations for each stage of the design and make process.

Design and make projects include a kite and a puppet in Key Stage 1, a pizza and a moving vehicle in Lower Key Stage 2, and a cushion and a raft in Upper Key Stage 2