The aims of the Languages Curriculum at Whittle Academy are:

  • To inspire a love of languages and a curiosity in another language and its people
  • To build spoken language skills, developing speakers who can communicate in a modern foreign language across a range of meaningful contexts
  • To explore the world beyond their own culture and develop an awareness and empathy of the multilingual and multicultural society that we are living in 
  • To enable expression of ideas and thoughts in another language including response to speakers both in speech and in writing
  • To further develop an understanding of their own language and to make comparisons with a modern foreign language, enriching their understanding of both.

Languages lessons at Whittle:

At Whittle Academy, Spanish is the chosen language of study.  Initially, Year 2 children have the opportunity to take part in an extra-curricular Spanish club to give them a ‘taster’ in learning a Modern Foreign Language.   Once children move into Key Stage 2, Spanish is taught as a compulsory curriculum subject.

Our Key stage 2 Languages Curriculum raises awareness of children’s own language(s) as well as making comparisons with Spanish. Lessons are delivered using material from the Primary Languages Network scheme and cover conversational language including greetings, as well as topic-based units developing children’s knowledge and use of Spanish vocabulary associated with food, weather, school and at the seaside

Primary Languages Network provides our children with online materials presented by native speakers and specialist languages teachers, with our teachers supporting the learning live in the classroom.

We promote contextualized learning as well as teaching sessions focused on developing vocabulary. Children are taught about both their language and the cultural aspects of the Spanish-speaking world. This increases our children’s cultural understanding by learning about different countries, cultures and their people.